Reality Bytes Episode 74

Reality Bytes – for the week of March 31st 2012: Listen Now!

Hosts-Loreandlaw and Slothen

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Opening Song – Black Runners by Spleen

Closing Song – Theremins for Fun by PEKKANINI


News Links Below

Marine monster mystery on South Carolina beach

Globe-trotting gnome highlights Earth’s weird gravity

Mysterious geologic structure seen from space

Teddy bear-faced robot is built for battlefields

Want a roll-up iPad? LG says flexible displays are real

Rick Perry, fellow governors to sample ‘pink slime,’ push back against US outcry

Complicated link between diet drinks, health, study finds

Breathe easy, for 10 hours, with this Darth Vader video

Pardon me: Did a robot just hear fish farts?

Death of a data haven: cypherpunks, WikiLeaks, and the world’s smallest nation

Europe’s ATV freighter docks at space station

Millions in loonies and toonies spill onto Ontario highway after Brinks truck crash

Three out of five schools in London hit by strike

German police can base ID checks on skin color, court rules

10,000 People Sign Petition to Honor Alan Turing by Putting Him on the £10 Note

A national sex strike! Spain’s ‘high-class hookers refuse to sleep with bankers until they open up credit lines to cash-strapped families’

That sucks: Egyptian court declares Internet porn illegal

Dutch Catholic Church Accused of Forcing Castrations

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