Reality Bytes Episode 65

Reality Bytes – for the week of January 29th 2012: Listen Now!

Hosts-Loreandlaw and Slothen

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Opening Song – Black Runners by Spleen

Closing Song – Star Field by cybarasta


News Links Below

The world’s first computer password? It was useless, too

Kinect tech built into laptop prototypes

Pirate Party of Catalonia wants to sue FBI, in Spain, over Megaupload seizure

Opponents protest signing of ACTA without adequate debate

Bringing galaxy-scale magnetic fields down to size in the lab

Polish lawmakers don Guy Fawkes masks to protest ACTA

Update Facebook by thrusting your hips to, er … ‘Like’ things

‘You will download your sneakers within 20 years. Yarr’

Strongest solar storm since 2005 hitting Earth

Bare-breasted protesters brave Davos chill

Greek priest caught digging for treasure

Shetland pony on the loose in California suburb

Healthy, six-legged lamb born in Georgia

Imprisoned Megaupload founder loses ‘Call of Duty’ crown

Chicken Nuggets: How Bad Are They?

New York firm proposes using plant DNA to thwart SAT testing fraud

Not lovin’ it: McDonald’s Twitter campaign hijacked by haters

World’s first magnetic soap could clean sticky messes

Hundreds of meteorites uncovered in Antarctica

New Mexico is stretching, scientists say

Jumping spiders’ unique vision revealed

Too many tests? Routine checks getting second look

Doctors save baby born with no blood

Millions in SOPA lobbying bucks gone to waste

Herman Cain ‘enthusiastically’ endorses Newt Gingrich for president

Chicken Nuggets: How Bad Are They?

Imprisoned Megaupload founder loses ‘Call of Duty’ crown

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