Reality Bytes Episode 59

Reality Bytes – for the week of December 17th 2011: Listen Now!

Hosts-Loreandlaw and Slothen

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Opening Song – Black Runners by Spleen

Closing Song – Cellule by Silence


Show Notes Below

Google’s Siri-a-like to be named ‘Majel’ after Trek actress

Texas Model Has ‘Long Road to Recovery’ After Walking Into Plane Propeller

Jedi light-sabre beats Taser in Oregon parking-lot fracas

Neti pots linked to brain-eating amoeba deaths

Naked mole rats feel no pain due to acid

‘Rudy’ inspiration charged with securities fraud

‘Self-aware’ bank account robbing code unleashed by hacker

Stop Online Piracy Act vote delayed

Euro cops cuff 112 in paedophile network raids

Child abuse changes the brain, study finds

The NTSB wants you to shut up and drive

High rates of foster kids given antipsychotic meds, study finds

NASA detects ‘heartbeat’ of pint-sized star-sucker

NASA wants harpoon, and the point? To shoot comets

The Milky Way’s black hole may spring to life in 2013

World’s Biggest Aircraft Will Ferry Passengers to Space in Stratolaunch Vision

Physicists use lasers to entangle diamonds

Amateur Treasure Hunter Unearths Ancient Viking King

Christmas Island seamounts: Is the mystery finally solved?

 Before it became Lake Huron, there were hunters

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