Reality Bytes Episode 56

Reality Bytes – for the week of November 26th 2011: Listen Now!

Hosts-Loreandlaw and Slothen

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Opening Song – Black Runners by Spleen

Closing Song – Autumn is a season to eat! by e+on


Show Notes Below

Cyborg-style contact lenses take step closer to reality

Bad Timing: Robert Wagner Plays Murder Suspect on ‘NCIS’ Episode

Four-winged dinosaur fossilized after swallowing a bird

Boy, 6, caught playing doctor, is accused of sex assault

Controversial “anti-Semitic” vodka billboard taken down in NYC

Robertson: Is mac ‘n’ cheese ‘a black thing?’

O Christmas tree, how costly are your branches

Iowa’s Hamburglar surrenders to police

Three plead guilty in Florida toilet paper fraud

Gynecologist faces charge for secret photos

Man leaves $1.28 million dollars at Sydney restaurant

Epic fail for Qantas Twitter competition

Erotica 2011 stands firm against rise of the sex machines

Dragonriders of Pern author Anne McCaffrey dies

New find sheds light on ancient site in Jerusalem

Sticky goo on Pa. turnpike disables over 100 cars

Face of pain? Man’s image seen in ultrasound

Alcohol may thwart breast cancer’s spread

Extra brain cells may be key to autism

Trolling a ‘patent troll’ with … trolls

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