Reality Bytes Episode 54

Reality Bytes – for the week of November 12th 2011: Listen Now!

Hosts-Loreandlaw and Slothen

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Opening Song – Black Runners by Spleen

Closing Song – Ma petite histoire by Lo


Show Notes Below

Antibodies and light combine for a cancer-killing therapy

Facebook settlement will make all future privacy changes “opt-in”

ARM touts PlayStation 3 power in a mobile GPU

Remember the “borderless” Internet? It’s officially dead

Warner Bros: we issued takedowns for files we never saw, didn’t own copyright to

Four-wheeling on the nanoscale: single-molecule vehicles go for a spin

Adobe Admits: Apple Won, Flash For Mobile is Done, HTML5 is the Future

During World War I, France built a fake Paris to fool Germany

Boozed-up ball-biting mum spared jail

‘Atlas Shrugged’ film producers replacing 100,000 DVD’s after mischaracterizing Ayn Rand’s novel

First man ‘functionally cured’ of HIV

Porn Industry Gets Green Light for Red-Light .XXX District

Super Strong ‘Mighty Mouse’ Created by Swiss Scientists

Why Are California Birds Getting Bigger?

Magic Viking Sunstone? Crystal’s Secret Revealed by Scientist

Lost Civilization Discovered in Sahara Desert

Cold Fusion Experiment: Major Success or Complex Hoax?

Mystery of Moon’s Lost Magnetism Solved?

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