Reality Bytes Episode 53

Reality Bytes – for the week of November 5th 2011: Listen Now!

Hosts-Loreandlaw and Slothen

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Opening Song – Black Runners by Spleen

Closing Song – Space Cactus Valley by Tom Drexl


Show Notes Below

Gravitational lens lets Hubble zoom in on matter swirling into black hole

Ginormous sunspot spews solar guts towards Earth

Rover spots the ‘new thing’ on Mars

Quarter-mile-wide asteroid coming close to Earth

 Your body is psyched to ‘fall back’

 Oregon veteran faces eviction if he hangs US flag

 “Saber-toothed squirrel” bridges 150 million year gap in fossil record

A million-dollar mistake in German museum

Company claims it can zap brown eyes blue. Really?

Snickering encouraged at NY caricature exhibit

Chickenpox lollipops? Some moms may be sending in mail

Teen in recovery from accidental haunted house hanging

You gotta have friends? Most have just 2 true pals


Anonymous won’t expose ‘servants’ of Mexico’s Zetas cartel

Sculpture of Ai WeiWei corpse spooks German town

Robbed trick-or-treaters get candy via Craigslist

Owner of car dealership labelled “Taliban Toyota” wins millions

8 killed in shooting at Mexican volleyball game

Did you cut your hair?

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